Nowdays, people are more likely to want to save and keep their teeth than have them extracted and replaced with false teeth.

Why choose DR ARASU Dental, Oral Surgery and Implant Specialist?

When a tooth develops a root canal infection, the only reliable way to save the tooth is via root canal treatment. In our profesional hand, root canal treatment is done with modern and well equipped endodontic instrument and technique. Our practice integrates patient comfort and luxury with the highest possible standards in disease diagnosis, technical endodontics, cross infection control and practice management.


Services we offer

  • Deep caries management
  • Pulpotomy
  • Root Canal Treatment
    – Anterior Teeth
    – Premolar Teeth
    – Lower Molar
    – Upper Molar

Techniques and equipments

  • Endo microscope with treatment procedure records
  • Modern rotary instruments
  • Electronic apex locatert
  • Termafil oven GP sealing
  • Digital radiographs


 (Vertical tooth fracture at the base of cavity seen under our HD MICROSCOPE Model OPMI PICO)

“6 Months of my agony resolved with the detection of vertical tooth fracture. The fracture was not detected by earlier 4 other dentists probably due to lack of proper diagnostic tools and techniques”

Apexification is a procedure for permanent teeth with incompletely formed roots. In this case, the apex continued growth till apical closure….a rather rare result yet we achieved.

Successfully done Apexification procedure for 13 years old girl…a young patient who came to clinic with pain, swelling and loose lower left back tooth.

Non –vital bleaching for discoloured front tooth after Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment for Deep Caries Premolar

 Before RCT

 During RCT  

 After RCT

Root Canal Treatment for Molar with curve root canal

RCT on Molar