We are here to help you to prevent and treat the periodontal disease. Whatever treatment you receive here, you will be placed in a maintenance program which will include regular follow-up exams and cleanings to stop the progression of disease.

Why choose DR ARASU Dental, Oral Surgery and Implant Specialist?

Apart from that more advanced technique is advocated by our surgeon to restore the soft tissue and hard tissue by encouraging regrowth and restoration that has been lost through the disease process. We also perform cosmetic procedures to enhance your smile which we noted that this improves the function also.

Services we offer:

Examination & Periodontal assessment

Non-surgical periodontal treatment

Surgical therapy

Cosmetic Procedures

What we do

(Risk assessment test)

What we do

Scaling and root planing with adjunctive therapy (as needed on a case-by-case basic)

What we do

(if non-surgical therapy does not achieve the periodontal health, surgery may be suggested to restore periodontal anatomy that has been damaged by periodontal diseases, to facilitate oral hygiene practices)

» Pocket Reduction Procedures
» Regenerative Procedures
– Bone grafting
– Guided tissue degeneration
» Guided tissue regeneration
» Crown Lengthening
» Sinus lifted

What we do

» Crown Lengthening
» Soft tissue Graft
» Ridge augmentation
» Vestibuloplasty